The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #4

Dear Father,

Revelations as of late: Well, we’ve been hired by Lillavida, to escort her on a journey up to Celene. The catch? It’s going to take a while… But I suppose everyone back home is kind of used to me leaving for months by now, so I hope you’re not too upset by this… It’s important that I go, and I’ll explain all the details.

I woke up the other morning in Little Tipping, very early, after a night of celebrating the new year. I would have preferred to have slept in of course, and not be awoken by Jarvan before the sun even rose, of course… But there was a banging at my door and there was Jarvan, and apparently a man was downstairs or something. I don’t know, I shut the door and went back to sleep. Again, he tried, to no avail. I was very tired! Well apparently they all went off to get Baldrin from Patty’s or something, because next I know they’re all knocking at my door to get me out of bed. I obliged, and stomped off downstairs in my pyjamas to see what all this fuss was about. There was a young boy, probably about my age, perhaps a bit younger. He told us he had been sent by Lillavida to come for us, and that we needed to go back to the hamlet and The Arrow at Rest. Boy did he seem obsessed with our group… But after being so rudely awakened (and slightly hungover), I was not in the mood for his incessant questions and admiration for us. But in the end we got on our horses and headed for The Arrow at Rest.

We got there to find out that the boy is just a merchant sent by Lillavida. A very merchant, though. Lillavida was packing up and leaving her daughters to run the inn. Everything was in caravans and there were so many. Much to my surprise, Lillavida told me that she did in fact know who my mother was. Apparently she had gone with Lillavida’s husband back up the North, that was the last time Lillavida saw her husband as well, and that’s what the journey is! I’m quite good at segues Father, really.

Lillavida is planning on taking the same journey her husband took up the North. She hired us, as well as The Golden Swans, as her body guards essentially. We took up this opportunity and set off for Longspear to see The Golden Swans. Travelling is getting much easier now with the horses. I must say though, Longspear was not much of a pleasant experience this time… As we were walking through the city today after spending the night at The Badger and Hare, a young boy stole my bag and ran off through the crowd. I don’t think my party fully understands how angry this made me, and why. My spellbook was in my bag, and I thought I had kept it safe but this boy had just taken it and I felt so violated. I think I was in shock but as I screamed my party pulled through and took off after the kid. I lagged behind; I was in absolute tears and my heart was in my throat. Thamior got in front and had caught up to the boy before he ran off again, over a wall and into a building. I had tried to cast a spell, Magic Missile, fuelled by my anger, and it hit the boy but he took the book out of my bag and ran off with it! I couldn’t believe it! He knew exactly what to take from me to cause me so much pain and heartache. There are two things people would never wish to take from me: My spellbook and Fae. Anyone who does needs to suffer the consequences of their actions after I have my possessions (or cat) back in my hands.

We caught him after knocking him over some stairs, but he was unfortunately okay, just terrified. He told us a group called The Smilers had paid him to take my bag. My bag specifically! MY BOOK! I was so angry, so filled with rage. He showed us the way to their headquarters and we headed in, after first accidentally disturbing a brothel, oops. We went downstairs and there were some scary looking men in there… I was so angry, I stormed up to them and started yelling at them, which lead to a conflict… But we were okay. By the end of it we had one locked up, one was dead… And we headed further into the other room. I wasn’t thinking clearly, I just barged in and set off a trap. The wall in the main room came down and more of the thugs started coming through. It was here, Dad, and I’m not proud of this, that I single-handedly, violently, brutally, killed a man on my own, and I went into shock. I cast a spell that I hadn’t had much practice with, it hit him the head and… Oh sweet magic of Wee Jas, I couldn’t deal with it. He was gone, his head was gone. I walked back upstairs and sat down and hyperventilated. I think I’m still a bit shaken up.

It is clear to me that I don’t fully comprehend how powerful my magic is getting and the consequences it has. But I’m going to have to get used to it though, if I plan on adventuring any longer… I love it, so much, and I love my magic but wow, I did not know that I could do that to a man. I think I have some thinking to do, and perhaps a bit of training to make sure I have these kind of spells under control.

I hope you’re well back home. It might be hard to contact me from now on as I set off on this journey but I promise I will still write.


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