The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #3

My dearest father,

You would not believe the day I have had. We were back in Little Tipping, staying at the inn while Baldrin Smithson‘s hometown was still getting back on track. We woke up this morning to the news that a resident of Little Tipping, Alara Silverwing had been found dead. Not just dead, but attacked, and found in a field, all hashed and slashed. We set off to investigate, picking Baldrin up from his now fiance’s house. Yes, Baldrin is engaged! Oh father, it was so lovely to hear such good news after all the terrible things that have happened lately! His partner, Patty, is lovely, although she’s a bit, uh, rough around the edges, and… Comfortable in her own skin. Anyway, we went off to see where Alara had been found and came across some unusual hair. Bear’s hair, to be exact. Luckily Lysander’s wolf knows how to track animals and people, so after a sniff of the hair, he ran off and we all chased after to him to see if we could find the culprit.

We came across a cave and we ventured inside, not really expecting much more than, well, an ordinary bear. But when we came to the end of the tunnel, we saw something that I had never even dreamed of, or ever wanted to imagine. It was no animal, it was a freak of nature. Something that some strange mage had put together with strange magic, literally glueing two halves of different animals together. It was an owl bear. Seriously, half owl, half bear. Lysander looked horrified as he tried to think of what kind of animal this could possibly be. But I knew it was unnatural. Thankfully, it met it’s end. I always feel the need to neglect the gory details when telling you about us killing monsters, Dad. You don’t need to know that your daughter can blow holes in fiends with a magical dart from her finger. Or that she’s steadily getting good with a crossbow. (but I still like to brag a little bit)

After telling her husband the news, running into The Golden Swans again, and feeding the corpse of the owl bear to the town (I did not want to be involved in that), we came to the conclusion that there was a powerful mage who had created this beast. Coincidentally, a tall, cylindrical tower had been built in the town over the blocks of land owned by two people. So we decided to check it out, and found there was no door. Unhelpful. But we scaled the wall and found a door on a platform at the top, and entered without thinking twice.

We clambered down some steps to a room with empty cages, and suddenly an “animal” hopped out. A rabbit, with a duck’s bill. I don’t… I don’t know. I want to rid the image of that strange beast from my mind. We went down another set of stairs to a seemingly normal bedroom, but when I went over to a table with jars of pickles on it, the pickles attacked me. They were enchanted, and so was a pillow and a grandfather clock. This seemed quite funny at first, and probably would have looked hilarious to any onlookers, but you soon realise just how dangerous an enchanted pillow is when it attaches itself to your friend’s face, or when a grandfather clock picks a fight with a man with a giant hammer. After dealing with those deadly inanimate objects, we ventured downstairs again and low and behold, there was Thalassoss; the “great” wizard we met at The Arrow at Rest what seems like an age ago. Only this time, instead of being half-dead at the hands of our very own paladin, he was being attacked by clothing.

We were in a pickle, attack the clothing, but don’t kill Thalassoss. He ended up quite worse for wear, but he was safe and locked up “in custody”; credit going to Jarvan there. We went to check out the ground floor and found a vat of acid with Thalassoss’ cat in a cage above it, with a pulley system balancing him safely for the time being. The boys of our party threw ideas about, and I reluctantly took part and climbed on Baldrin’s shoulders to catch the cage as Thamior swung the cage in our directions with his telepathic powers (he’s a strange kind of mage). The feat was successful, with just my sleeve being burnt in the acid as we lost balance. I still maintain that it was a dangerous idea. It could have been a lot more than my sleeve that landed in the acid…

Well, the cage was locked. Everyone bickered and tried to come up with an idea to get the cat out, talking about other things, as I tried to offer a suggestion. No, no one seemed to be interested in what I had to say. Like earlier, with the pulley ideas, everyone else seemed to think that their ideas were the right ones. Needless to say, putting a little bit of acid on the lock opened the cage straight away and I took the cat up to his owner.

We carted Thalassoss off to the authorities, and went back up to The Smith on the Hill to help The Golden Swans continue the rebuilding of the town. All in all, today was exhausting, and stranger than I ever believed my day would be. Enchanted objects? Evil clothing that controlled a man to make evil hybrid animals|? A cat over acid? My party members not listening to me? Hah, well, that last one isn’t so strange sometimes. But what can you do? One day they will realise that I’m not actually unintelligent, just a lacking a little common sense sometimes.

Missing you and everyone back home.

Much love,

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