The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #2

My dear father,

I do hope you have been well. We’ve been keeping busy in Longspear. We just returned from an arduous journey through the sewers. After clearing a warehouse of spiders we found a tunnel in the floor and decided to go in and check that there wasn’t any more trouble lurking beneath the city. First we had to fend off a Howler, this horrible, terrifying monster that nearly killed two of my friends. Somehow Lysander and I managed to fight the horrid thing and pull through. The Golden Swans were above the tunnel and passed us some healing scrolls through a hole in the ceiling. Thank goodness for friends in “high places”! Ahaha. Ha.

We ventured further down the tunnels and walked for what felt like miles down a stone pathway, until we came across what appeared to be a hole in the wall, covered in spider webs. I’d just about had enough of spiders at this point, so while the boys looked down the shaft, I inspected a door on the other side of the tunnel, when a man suddenly stepped out of it. I say man, but in all honesty I do not know what he was. Strange looking creature, green skin, odd facial structures… Pure evil. He cast a spell on Baldrin which resulted in him standing by the opposite wall, unable to move, speak, do anything at all. I took him a long time to defeat the hold the wizard/mage/evil monster man had over him. I was hiding behind the door but when he started attacking my friends I did my thing which seemed to only make him angrier. He called me a heathen and spat at me, before noticing Fae, who I then hid down my robes, before he made an attempt to stab her as well. I was fed up, horrified and angry as all hell, pardon my language. We killed him though, and after dealing with him, ie, getting some personal revenge, Baldrin and I threw his body down the hole in the wall.

However, when the holes in the sides of the tunnel started leaking sewage, we realised that his evil MAGICAL monster man’s magical walls of force had worn off after his death. Did I mention that at the beginning of the tunnel there was a massive wall of force holding back the sea? Pardon me, I’m already trying to repress the memory of running for our lives from a giant wave of water that we thought was sure to drown us. We were checking out the evil monster man’s room when we had the epiphany. I had touched the door handle of his room which he had apparently put a spell on, and I fainted. Baldrin picked me up and start bolting down the corridor with me over his shoulder and Fae delicately balancing on me. The rest of the party started running, Lysander went too far while we hid in a burrow coming off of the tunnel and found sanctuary up a ladder. Baldrin however swam out and brought Lysander back with him. It’s times like those I am truly thankful to know such wonderful and brave people and be so lucky as to be exploring this world with them. No matter how much we seem to get on each other’s nerves, we always managed to pull through for each other.

But enough of the emotional nonsense, I have some more adventuring to do.

Pass on my well wishes to everyone in town.

Much love,

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