The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #13

Dearest Father,

It feels like an age since I wrote to you. Our party is struggling with a crisis of where to head to next, and it’s times like this where all I want is to be home and not worry about any of this other business, but I really can’t bring myself to do that when I don’t only have my own motivations to worry about, but the feelings of my friends, and all the things going on in the world need us, or at least, we keep getting told they do. There seems to be all this undue pressure on us to solve the problems going on around us, but Baldrin speaks so much truth when he says that there are so many other powerful mages, fighters and adventurers out there who could also assist. But it’s up to us, and now, we’re splitting up. Let me start from when we got out of the Sylph Forge.

We rested for a night at a camp we made in a clearing, before stumbling upon Mother’s sister; Cinetessa! Mum told us that she was living in a house in the middle of the Dreadwood. She’s living with Janda, who protects her, and after being in this damned forest, I can see why she has protection. She told us about her story, her life, and where the closest town was, which was Oakroot. We got there in the evening and found an inn, the only inn, to stay in for the evening. It was here that we ran into Ptias and the elves from Celene, who meet months ago now. While we were there, Baldrin went for a walk to get some fresh air, and found the body of a man who had appeared to have killed himself with his sword. This didn’t really sit right with any of us, but the guard put it down as a suicide. We decided to begin our own investigation, because that’s just what the Lost Seekers do.

We headed out the next day to start asking around about the man who died; Tommy Black.Jarenhone and I went to talk to his wife, who told us that there was an apparent curse around that made people killed themselves, and they were struck with it when they went by this old house that belonged to Old Man Winters. A few others had died in similar ways, including the Hunter, who killed himself with his bow, and Felicity, the town gossip, who hung herself. It was awful to even think about. We met up with the others and spoke to the Mayor, who told us more about the Winters family and how they had tried to start a revolution against the Druids. Apparently Tommy’s weapons had been stolen from his workshop recently as well, which was very suspicious. We made the decision to go and speak to the young Winters, the son of the Father who apparently lived in the cursed house. It… Did not end well, when I kind of accidentally accused him of being involved in the suicides, which I may have implied were likely to be murders, and that both him and his ghost Father were the culprits… My interrogation skills need serious work.

We went to the old house that evening, and I was quivering in my boots about this curse. I mean, of course it was a ridiculous notion, but who knew what kind of things were lurking in that house? Unfortunately, we made the mistake of going in without looking around first, and Lysander found himself the victim of a horrible spell, a literal curse! It made him weak and unable to go further into the house, so he waited outside on the decrepit patio while we checked things out. Baldrin and I went into a dining room, but it was not long until we fell through a hole in the floor and found ourselves up against this hideous, undead, bug-like monster. I made the decision to use my Dimension Door spell to get out of the small space and fight the monster from above. Baldrin is able to take a lot more of a beating than I am. It didn’t take long before it was dead on the ground and secreting a disgusting smell; much like swishing a bug!

Ptrisah, Baldrin, Jarenhone and I went down into the hole we’d just fallen through and went through a door in the lower floor. We found a closet in which we found the body of Felicity, but she was in terrible shape, and some ungodly things had been done to her. It made me so sad to her like that. Stuffed into a small room, and not being treated respectfully at all after her death. Ptrisah checked some footprints in the dust, which looked like tiny little claws or something like that, with six toes! Suddenly, this little creature ran across the room and up some stairs. It looked like a little lizard or dragon or a mix of the two. Jarenhone and I tried to chase after it but we lost it, and found a library instead. I searched for books on curses and found a scroll that would heal Lysander. I ran around to the front of the house to heal Lysander while Ptrisah went to search for the creature.

We all met up again after no luck and headed back to the inn for the evening. It was while we were in the inn that the creatures had apparently decided to ambush the town! We fought them off, they were called kobolds. Strange little dragon minion things that were quite hard to fend off, but with the help of some of the other villagers we dealt with them and I don’t think they’ll be causing any more trouble. As it turns out, they were the ones behind the so called “curse”. They were murdering some of the townspeople, just to steal and wreak havoc. Evil little things.

It was also during our stay in Oakroot, that we had the discussion on what would happen next. Ptias told us that Lillavida wanted to meet up in the North, which is where I have been wanting to go anyway. I feel like Queen Yolanda might be able to help me with the quest to find help for Mother, and that there may be something up in the land of the elves that could help me more. Baldrin however wanted to head South, to Yeomanry, to look for this mysterious cult and find the soul he needs for his hammer. Jarenhone wanted to go with him, and Ptrisah and Lysander wanted to go with Ptias and I. After a long weilded and emotional discussion, we decided to split up into two different groups. Along with our group, Xin Li has joined us; an adventurous woman from the Far East, who I think will prove to be a valuable person in our party. I know we will all meet up again, because our goals are so interconnected. But it is still a sad occasion, as we have been together for what seems like forever now, and have dealt with so much adventure, danger, grief, but also fun, together as our little group.
The paper is smeared from tears._

I am sure that this is the right choice for us to make. But until we move on in our journey, I really can’t say. Do we really know what lies ahead? No, I know I never really have. But it’s time to get on with it and keep going towards those end goals and keep getting more powerful each and every day.

I miss you terribly. I wish so dearly that I could come home.

With love,




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