The Lost Seekers

Letter to Baldrin Smithson, to be Delivered within Silglen

The letter you hold seem's crisp and well cared for, with no visible stress marks from its travels


I’ve sent this letter to Silglen in the hopes that it finds you well by way of Lillavida’s new ‘friends’. Your friends are well, and Lillavida seems to have done well for herself, so as yet I believe I am serving your interests to the best of my ability.

Since last we left you, we travelled north to Endereisen where we rendezvoused with Lillavida and her new guild. She seemed absolutely lovely, an a little put out that you weren’t able to come yourself, but once your companions explained to her why you had set forth on your own, she seemed understanding at least. Little comment has been made about my presence, so it seems they are fine with a bard following them around, as I told you they would be. Lillavida has tasked us with the extermination of Drow in Keoland, so your fellows have set on the task with a fervour I did not expect. Ptrisah particularly seems intent on the task, as if he has some agenda that he’s not to forth coming about. Though, that may also just be a race thing, Elves tend to be obsessed with racial attitudes and they come bearing many prejudices gift wrapped in their heads, so who knows. To aid us in our job Lillavida has tasked one of her own assistants by the name of Sebastian Shadowmoor to come with us. He seems a perfectly capable sort, though a little too inclined to mess with the minds of others for my taste. Ironic I know, but the secretive are not generally inclined towards having others poke about in their skull. Still, the task is relatively straight forward, and we have already made strides towards uncovering the Drow hidden within this country. We have encountered a dozen abominable monsters commanded by a few of the dark elves, and uncovered some message that seems to pertain to some inter dimensional city of Keys. I know little of it at this time, though I’m excited to find out more. Turns out your hammer might be worth the effort after all.

Much love to ya ya tall, dark haired brooding man, don’t die before I see ya next.

Xin Li



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