The Lost Seekers

Letter to Alistair #2


Your parents have given me the address for your regiment so I can only hope this letter finds you well. I returned home to Abbeyvale for a couple of weeks and went to visit you only to find you’d been sent to fight in the war. I cannot tell you how worried I am. My stomach turns at the thought of anything terrible happening to you. I know it has been a long time since we last saw each other but I do still care for you deeply and if you returned we could be united once more. Please stay safe.

Life has been quite dark lately. My friend, Baldrin, has had a really, really, really rough time. We visited his hometown and as it turned out it had been ravaged by bandits, who had been hired by someone or something going by the name of Serafim, which is old Elven for angel. Who knows what we have now gotten ourselves into? Baldrin’s mother was brutally murdered while we fought a camp of bandits. Luckily we got the other members of his family and the town out safely and they are all working to rebuild and restore their community.

It was after this that I decided to head home. I travelled for a couple of weeks by horse, and was ever so excited to see my father. It had been so long, I had missed Abbeyvale more than I expected to. It was so nice to see everyone, if only you had been there as well. Dad gave me something though, something I wish he had given me years ago. Apparently when my mother left us she wrote a letter to me. Dad gave it to me and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I know her name, I know what she looks like, I know her handwriting, I can hear her voice. She was such a beautiful woman, although it sounds like she was in danger, which is why my father kept it from me. He had hoped I would stop searching, stay safe from whatever my mother was facing, but this has just made me more motivated to find her. I need to see her, I need to know she is okay. I need to meet the woman who loved me so much that she had to leave…

I am steadily becoming a stronger mage, faster than I would have ever expected to have. There are so many exciting spells out there to learn, and I can’t wait to learn more and more and I keep travelling on this journey I had undertaken. I won’t give up on searching for my mother. It may be hard but I have a wonderful party to travel with. Mostly. Jarvan has been driving me crazy as of late. Sometimes I simply cannot understand his actions and thoughts on our actions. I guess it’s not possible to get along fantastically with everyone. But Baldrin and Jarvan are lovely people. I am concerned for Baldrin in his time of grief, but I am confident he will pull through.

There was something else I meant to tell you, about Baldrin. During the attack on the town, Baldrin’s… I’ll say significant other, was killed by an axe to the back. We were sure she was dead, we covered the body when we went to fight the bandits. But when we came back there she was, alive, pale, but well. I couldn’t believe it. There must have been some powerful magic going on during that night. Something beyond the scope of my knowledge. But something that I hope we will learn more about as time goes on.

Please write to me if you can, to the Arrow at Rest. I miss you, please take care.


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