The Lost Seekers

Letter to Alistair #1

Dearest Alistair,

The last couple of days have been a bit crazy. After we dealt with that Auraluna woman, we celebrated. Well, Baldrin and I celebrated. We pulled a woman from the wall of stone Auraluna had put together, Vivi, an actress, and so we spent the night at her abode. Let’s just say I don’t remember an awful lot. Many glasses of elven wine were involved, and Baldrin coming up with the “brilliant” idea of rebuilding and renovating Auraluna’s mansion. We woke up very hungover, very sick, at around noon, with no idea where our other party members were. Probably doing something much more productive. Nevertheless, we decided to pay Ceseli a visit, to make sure she was okay. I mean, her mother was crazy and we just recovered her husband’s body. She was bound to be feeling a little down. She rejected our offer of helping her with the house, so I ran out and bought her an obsidian looking necklace for 50 freegold and tied a pretty ribbon around it. I’m not sure she actually liked the necklace herself, but I think she appreciated the sentiment. I think she was just very confused about why we were thanking her, or attempting to make up for what happened to her. Either way, she quite adamantly said she was fine and was coping, so we eventually left.

We were walking through town and Baldrin decided he wanted yet another beer (still recovering from the night before mind you), and so we popped into a tavern in the noble part of town. After claiming the bartender was charging too much for a drink, we ended up in a fight in the street. Baldrin just kept going, so did the bartender. I just shook my head and turned his hair blue. I guess I just have a strange way of dealing with unnecessary conflict. Because that’s what it was, UNNECESSARY. Anyway… It was all very interesting. We were both feeling pretty sick, and wanted to enjoy the fresh air, so we walked over to the nearest park and lay on the grass until a wolf came running past with a wooden hand. Yes, it was Lysander’s pet. We had found the other half of our party, hurrah! The wooden hand? Well, we didn’t ask any questions and promptly left the hand and the park and headed off to see Isben.

At Isben’s, we met a member of The Golden Swans, Bandabar Thoak, at long last. He invited us to join his party for a literal party at their inn. Yes, they own their own inn. We then spoke to Deangelo Knight, who hired us to deal with a “spider infestation” in a warehouse The Undercraft League wanted to use for a job. We headed off to the warehouse to scope out the problem, and not only did we come across some smaller spiders, but a gigantic one as well. This spider was huge, and could fire web that was incredibly tough. I’ve never seen anything like it. Eventually we knocked it dead and found the previous “spider hunters” tangled in web cocoons. We set them free and found a big tunnel like hole in the middle of the floor. It was stone, like someone had created it and it lead somewhere, but we decided to leave it for the next day, and went off to meet the rest of The Golden Swans and enjoy the night.

We met The Golden Swans at their inn and started drinking nearly as soon we got there. Liam, the bartender from The Badger and Hare had been hired for the night, and it was nice to see a familiar face, and he’s a fantastic bartender, and such an entertaining man… Man, woman… Woman… I’m still not entirely sure. But, a well deserved glass or two, or three, or four, of delicious elven wine and I had acquainted myself quite well with the other members of their party; Ptias, Haylee and her brother Jeremy. The night went on, and from what I remember, Ptias is quite a kleptomaniac, Bandabar does not mind dancing on tables without any clothing, and Jarvan doesn’t mind a drink or two. We woke to a delicious fried breakfast and are off to deal with the tunnel in the warehouse, but first, here I am writing this letter to you.

Alistair, it has been so long we last saw each other. I left to continue my training at the Hold of the Sea Princes months ago, nearly a year, and since them I have moved back into Yeomanry and we have not been in physical contact with each other. I would like to meet you and talk. I think we need to talk about us and what the future holds, what my future holds. We will be returning to The Arrow at Rest in a few days. If you could make the journey, I would really appreciate seeing you. It has been far too long.

Missing you all back home, give my love to my father.

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