The Lost Seekers

Justice and Death

The Darkness encroaches around a human who sits at a desk, writing rather awkwardley with a pen, like he doesnt seem to quite understand it....

So i guess this will be my final entry in this book, what a long and wierd journey it has been, who would have thought that all those months ago that i would be responsible for helping to save the multiverse, when i met everyone at the Arrow At Rest, we were sort of all shoved together to clean out goblins, and now we are here on another planet in another plane of existence. So many things have happened and I have made so many friends and enemies. Baldrin who has lost so much, but he has become a leader that i would honestly follow into the depths of hell if he said we needed too, he is a capable leader and he does do his best to protect everyone, i love him like a brother. Endolynn has honestly become a pain and she doesn’t trust me, but i still love her even because of that, shes like the little sister i never had, and i know its mostly because i am very vocal about my dislike of what her mother did and i have made some stupid mistakes but regardless, her talent and skill is quite astounding and i am proud of her. Lysander such a quiet boy, he has done so much that we all take for granted, he is like the under appreciated youngest sibling, we give him shit and get antsy at him but we know he means well. This is my family the people i would protect and die for, I am going to make sure that they get home safely. Then their is Lilavida the one who put us all together way back when, she shouldnt be here either and she has always looked out for us and given us safe places to stay. They all need to get home and i will make sure they get there

And then their is Viet, the newest member of our group i dont know what to make of him yet, he seems okay, bit wierd and his obsession with Necromancy is a bit disconcerting but he means well, and as long as he helps us i will help him, in whatever way i can.

All of us are The Lost Seekers, now truly lost with no way of getting home, but we aren’t finished we haven’t given up and Agamemnon is going to rue the day he took our world away from us. This ends in the next couple of days as we head to the final confrontation with him and our last chance to stop him, i dont think any of us are really prepared for this, how do you kill a God Lich? What will happen if we do? I don’t know the answers to these questions but this is my final memoir in this book, unless we win in wich case then i will have to write something i guess, but if we dont, this is goodbye and farewell to whomever reads this, and Thank you for reading through my journey and life!



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