The Lost Seekers

Judgement part 4

The day I died

Ptrisah looked down at his feet the chains on his wrist heavy weighing him down trying to pull him down into the ground also if they to had judged him guilty for the acts he had committed. His head rose as the Prince next spoke " Well you must have believed in these Lost Seekers and their goals at least enough to die for them"
“yes my prince I believed in them, I believed they were all good people and we were trying to save the all the realms nothing more” Replied Ptrisah
“Tell us how you died then?: asked Thauath

The Lost Seekers at this point had traveled to fabled city of Sigil and had started on a quest to bring down Lolth, The Spider Queen. Using a guide named Gryfalcon they had gone to The Beastlands and retrieved the Beast Bow after fighting a large huntsman and a living tree. After they sortie into The Beastlands they destroyed a iron plant living inside The World Tree. The next park of their quest lead them to a frozen waste land to obtain a sword designed to kill daemons. After nearly freezing to death the group made it to a small tower where they were attacked by a pair of Frost Giants possession of the fabled Blade. We then returned to Sigil to warm up and find out where the book of Flesh is hidden. It was during this time we were attacked by daemons trying to retrieve the sword for the master. During this fight the Beast Bow sang launching arrows left and right but the largest of the foul beasts keep hunting me down and rending my flesh from my bones and be the end it was to much and my body gave out from the lose of blood i had suffered. My friends lucky enough were able to avenge me and keep the fabled items falling into the hands of these dark monsters.



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