The Lost Seekers

Cynetessa's Farewell

Thoughts from the ditzy sister

“Farewell, Seekers. The Fates have aligned. May they guide you well,”
Those were the last words as I saw them off: the dragon Agralethian, the half-elf Endolynn, the human Baldrin, the dwarf Viet, the celestial Jarenhome, the ‘resurrected’ Patty, and the out-of-towner Gryfalcon. It was a bitter farewell, though I tried to hide it. I do not truly know if they will be okay in the Sea of Sorrows, but I have faith. They have come thus far, after all.
Janda is displeased with me. She does not want to let them go; she is certain that they will die in facing Agamemnon. I am not so sure. They have my sister and Seaorin. They will be fine… right?
Lysander has returned to his people, as their leader Griffith has died. I shall head there soon. It is a long trek back, but I have heard of a wizard from Neverwinter who may be able to help me. First, however, I need to talk to Endolynn’s father, Cassius, and make the trek to the Smith on the Hill and Loftwick.
Why do this, Cynetessa? I can hear you ask already. Why are you parleying with Queen Ceseli and seeking out the Golden Swans? Why have you spoken to Xin Li and convinced her to seek out the last remnants of her order? Why do you send a message to Lillavida to meet you in the Dreadwood? Why do you beseech the gods themselves with prayers and pleas? What is your purpose?
My purpose only has one goal. It has been brought upon me to make an army. The forces of Good must stand against Agamemnon’s rising; we need every asset available to us to survive. The lichlings will hatch, whether we like it or not, and to stop this world from being Eaten by Agamemnon, we must band together and fight.
As I embark upon this journey, I write this to explain what it is that I am doing, why my madness seems so esoteric. Perhaps I shall not succeed and perhaps you shall find my corpse one day, dear reader. I certainly hope not. But this world is ending and we need to fight. I can only pray that my visions are right, and we will succeed. And yet, even more important than my mission is that of the Seekers. My heart is with them, as they shall face far worse than any other. It will take every inch of their will and fortitude to pull through.

Good luck, Seekers. Gods be with you.



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