The Lost Seekers

The writing in this journal seems to be rather shaky as though written by a quivering hand

Okay, so my first lot of case notes and Journal entry for this journey, I just hope i can control my ‘shakes’ long enough to maintain legibility. It has been an interesting adventure so far, after we solved all the issues at Lilavida‘s Inn we all (we meaning my new travelling companions, The charming Miss Endolynn, The Mighty Baldrin and the contemplative Lysander) set off for Longspear, given our recent success at Lilavida’s we had decided to adventure together for a while and we even had a party name already, ‘The Lost Seekers’. As we followed the road we came across a ‘Toll booth’ run by some rather unsavoury types who were quite obviously just there to swindle money out of the honest hardworking farmer folk, they had no papers or authority to be doing what they were doing so ‘cleaned up the road’, much to my disdain one of them got away, but we managed to apprehend their leader and one of his associates, we recovered all the items they had stolen from various travellers and upon handing in the 2 vagabonds to some of the militia at one of the garrisons were told we could keep what we had recovered as the reward for apprehending the criminals. After that our journey to Longspear was uneventful, I hurt the poor Lady Endolynn’s feelings and i must remember to make it up to her. After getting into Longspear shortly after nightfall, we needed to find somewhere to stay the night, Endolynn led us to charming and thoroughly amusing little Inn called ‘The Badger and Hare’, run by a ‘woman’ called Liam. After a rather fun night relaxing and trying to get the young Lysander with a woman, The next day we each went off to do our seperate things, I had to go visit the Temple of Heironeous here in Longspear to finish my original quest. Upon arriving at the temple and being ushered in front of Patriarch Torcrider, I was told I was to finally be inducted as a Paladin of Heironeous, but as the initiation began a ‘man’ and I use the term man loosely stopped it and said that my destiny lay elsewhere, he would have dearly loved for me to be one of his but it wasn’t meant to be. He told me to go to this place called ‘The Bald Cat’ I cant rightly remember it seems almost like a dream and he gave me a key. Suddenly i’m back in front og Patriarch Torcrider and the ‘man’ is gone. As Patriarch Torcrider is about to finish knighting me i get up swiftly saying that i cant follow through with this and that Heironeous had told me my destiny lay elsewhere. I rush out of the temple and follow the directions ending up outside some rather rundown old buildings going in i proceed to the door as instructed and go in, sitting inside the room is Marius, the Elf Paladin from The Arrow At Rest. He doesnt seem surprised to see me and asks me again if i wanted to become a Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow, since my own god had told me to come here, i was about to accept when i heard a familiar female voice behind me and i cringed.

the words at this point became more shaky and nearly illegible and there are smudges on the parchment as though a liquid had fallen on the words

It was Amelia and she had ‘MY’ sword the one i had entrusted to her care, she just looked at me and at my hand as it hovered over the blade Marius had offered to me before holding out ‘MY’ sword, ’That’s not the sword you want Jarvan’ she said. As the choice lay before me i knew one way or another that something bad would happen no matter my decision, As i picked up Marius’ i looked at her sadly and my heart broke as i saw the look of betrayal on her face. Heironeous has pointed me on this path i began to say but she left taking ‘MY’ sword with her. As i turned back to Marius, he explained that as atonement for my rather brutal handling of the wizard Thalassoss i was not permitted to enter any temples of any other gods besides the elvish Pantheon unless i was going to purge the Blasphemers. Accepting this and everything else i have now become a Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow. I don’t know how I’m ever going to sort things out with Amelia but i decided that trying to find her right now and sort it out would probably just make the situation worse so I decided to find my new friends and see if they had found any work for us to do. I wont bore anyone else with the boring details of what transpired afterwards but in summary, upon returning to ‘The Badger and Hare’ Liam tried to hit on me, i politely rebuffed him and found my friends, Baldrin and Lysander had indeed been successful in finding us some work which was enough to warrant us getting the papers we needed that allowed us to travel armed and armoured while inside Longspear, before we headed off to that job we headed over to ‘Courtly Affairs’ to see Isben Courtly as instructed to by Lilavida. He said there was no other work at the moment ‘cause another adventuring group had recently taken on and cleaned up most of the jobs in the city, They were called ’The Golden Swans’. We got a couple of other jobs though thankfully, one was to find a young lady’s missing Cat, this is detailed more thoroughly in Case notes 1 and the other job being to find a missing husband, a man called Carl Chartheim this is detailed in case notes 2. so with these and in addition to our task from the City watch to which was to provide some security to an old Noble lady by the name of Auraluna Dromdal, this is detailed more in Case notes 3. I will leave it there for now for any soul interested in reading about what happened please find the associated case notes.

Jarvan, Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow.


This job was by far the most pointless, I mean I know as a Paladin I should be helping people but finding some Noble lady’s lost Kitten seems like a fairly big waste of time but it was still a job and Baldrin sent Endolynn off to find out what she could. By all reports the first meeting with Cecelia Guesenholt was just useful in finding out what the cat looked like and that it had a rather distinctive and valuable looking collar, which served to put into our minds that the cat had probably gotten out and some low-life had found it and killed it and taken the collar. But our investigations are still ongoing at this point we still have some hope for finishing this job successfully.


Me and Lysander were assigned to finding out any information we could about this job before we went over to the main job which Baldrin was scoping out for everyone in the meantime. At the Chartheim’s Manor we met the wife of the missing man and were given a description as well as a scarf, upon giving the scarf to Lysander’s dog to track and follow the scent. We had some luck with this it led us to a brothel in a far seedier part of town then we expected to find even a minor noble dalliancing in, after we made our investigations briefly we ascertained that at this point in time Cole was not there so we headed on to the Dromdal Manor for the main job.


Now this was an interesting place to put it lightly not only was the air of this Manor oppressive, there was a grave in their yard….. A GRAVE! But who am I to judge on this it could be a family tradition but needless to say it spooked me out and I could tell all of my friends were just as unnerved by this place as I was but it was Auraluna that was the most unnerving, an 80 something year old lady who seemed to be desperately trying to hold on to her youth and good looks, a massive shock of brilliant red hair on her head and a face that seems to have had something done to it to help remove wrinkles. She was wheelchair bound and seemed to be escorted by her Daughter a young lady by the name of Ceceli. Auraluna also had 2 dogs with her one was a harmless enough looking lap dog and the other was this bloody great big Mastiff that looked like if we tried anything or did anything we weren’t supposed to do it would rip our arms off and enjoy doing it. After introducing ourselves to her we were told we could go anywhere in the manor that wasn’t locked and as long as we were doing our job and didn’t wreck anything. After I followed Ceceli and tried to question her but she seemed to be scared of something and couldn’t offer up a lot of useful information but I did notice several bruises on her upper arm. Upon looking around on the upper floor with Endolynn I utilised one of my more useful paladin abilities to detect if their was any evil in the immediate area not surprisingly the room where we believed Auraluna to be at that moment came back as having a rather moderate aura of evil about it. Baldrin’s examination of the basement turned up some rather interesting meat, which bears further investigation suffice to say I will not be partaking of any meat dishes while here. There was to be a party that night and Auraluna had reluctantly agreed to let us partake so that we could perform our job of protecting her manor and herself and all of her guests, so we shall see what comes of that.

That ends all of my current case notes until such time as more information comes to light.



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