The Lost Seekers

Well Ade, seems I may ‘ave bin a mite mistaken with my suspicions last I wrote. Ya see, we went into the goblin tunnels, but it was all unrelated. That’s right, the convenient timing was all a fluke, and the blasted culprits nearly got away with murder couse’a me foolish suspicions. So, in the tunnels we were, and the little goblin things were ambushing us every few metres, the nasty blighters are right sneaky. We had to wade through the bodies just to reach the final confrontation with Tetzak. Aye, you read that right, ‘is name was Tetzak. Goblins are right weird. Eventually after killing a horde of the dirty little blighters to get to ‘im, only to then have to then chase after ‘im as ee turned RUDDY INVISIBLE, we finally cornered him in a little cage made o’ bones. The git locked ‘imself in, and when I tried to talk to ‘im, HE BLOODY WELL STABBED ME.

I was so angry. Here we are in this ruddy dirty little cave, and these little blighters won’t stop trying to kill us. I mean for crying out loud, I had no real intention of killin’ them in the first place, I just wanted to scare ‘em off, but nooo, they have to go freaking out at every turn and starting a mess. An that ruddy git Yarwyck wasn’t helping, he kept startin shit all o’ his own. I tell ya, we should’na brought im with us, it was a mistake, an it prolly cost ‘im his life. Ya see, in all the slaughterin an nearly dying as we fought Tetzak, he disappeared. Looks like ee got knocked out an dragged through a cave in or some such. We found an enchanted axe while we looked for him. It seemed to glow at the presence of elves so I’m thinking there be some nasty little elf folk down there.

O HEY [at this point there’s a massive blot of ink on the page, as if someone jumped while near the table] That’s it ain’t it Ade. Ya see, we did eventually find out who killed the Evansiel Chit. I mean, I lost my temper with Tetzak an killed ‘im, but we did get outta the cave, an in time to catch everyone at the inn before they left too. An then I accused Mary, that cute human barmaid, an I did it nice’n public too. See, I didn’t know who’d dun it, so I figured if it was her, shed try to escape. An if it was someone else, then maybe they’d react or try to leave. I was kinda winging it though; my execution wasn’t perfect, but then, that’s why we have pals with us ain’t it Ade. So anyways, While I was sittin in the common room waitin’ for sometin to ‘appen, Endolyn got caught in some spell by the little hobbit bastards as they tried to escape.

In the aftermath she told me how Mary had spent an evening with Menden, or had thought she had; she was unconscious see, drugged even. So Endolyn went to talk to Menden, to convince ‘im to talk to me to convince me it wasn’t Mary. ‘Cept, it was Menden an that other little git, so when she found them, they freaked out an Menden started playin’ some stupid song that made Endolyn freeze up. Except that Jarvin; that fella with the righteousness out to wazzoo, he heard it an went runnin’ to find out. An that was all the cue I needed.

By the end of the mess, Menden was part of the inn wall, an that other turd Lucien was just as dead, and we found all these bits o evidence an such in their travellin’ chests. An see, this is where Yarwyck disappearing is important. The little turds prayed to some psycho elf god chit called Lolth or some such, an according to Endolyn, she’s the goddess of the drow folk, which are psycho dark elf people that live in caves. Which would suggest to me that these folks sent the goblins raging into town? Hell, they prolly didn’t even know the elves wanted them too; they’re too stupid to get that. An that’s why the goblins were so convenient in the timing of their attack. Plus, the hobbits prolly enjoyed killin’ the goblins, I mean its obvious from the axe that the drow elves an the goblin folk aren’t friends. So there ya go Ade, I wasn’t too far off the mark. An on a side note, I did make it up to Mary, I made it up to ‘er all night long ;D
Baldrin, member of the Lost Seekers

p.s oh yeah Ade, we gots a name for ourselves now. We are the Party of The Lost Seekers. Nice ring to it eh.



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