The Lost Seekers

To my loving Father,

Finally, I find the time to sit and write to you again. I thought I’d best update you on what has been happening since I last wrote, when I first arrived at The Arrow at Rest.

After Evansiel’s passing and a little bit of searching and suspecting, we set out to follow the goblins who had terrorised the town the night before. As it turned out, they had a very long tunnel dug from the basement of the inn to their hideout. Lillavida, the halfling bartender I mentioned last time, had hired us to not only deal with finding Evansiel’s murderer, but to save the inn from these goblins. Admittedly, I didn’t feel entirely confident going down into the dungeon. As much as I desire to go out adventuring and facing the world, I’m still not sure if I’m strong enough to fight what we may come across, but fortunately we made it out relatively unscathed.

We crawled through the tunnel for about an hour before we found a room with a hole dug out in front of the exit, leading to the next section. A hole? Really? What a trap. Although I suppose to those lacking as much intelligence as some as us, it seemed like a good idea. We made it around (or through) this “trap” and through to the next room, large with a river running through the middle, where we successfully managed to defeat a group of goblins who had barricaded themselves behind tables. Baldrin threw a lantern which started a fire, hurting some of the goblins but… It was a fire. Lysander, a druid, cast an unusual spell forming a mass of weeds and branches to come out of the ground and entangle anyone in that area. Thankfully none of us were caught in the brambles, but a goblin was. In the end, there were three of the monsters left, obviously feeling quite terrified of our group at this point. Jarvan made the decision to tie two of them up. Baldrin was apparently quite intimidating, and we got some information from them about their leader, and so we ventured further into the caverns.

We were soon ambushed as we entered another room by two goblins hiding on the other side. They must have heard us coming. But we defeated them as well. At this point, I realised how few spells I had prepared for the day and worry washed over me. I wasn’t sure what more we had to face and our party was slightly injured as well. But we pushed forward, ambitious and wanting to find the leader of this group of goblins. We came across many forks in the road, many alternate paths, but without too much searching we found the room with who we presumed, correctly, to be the leader and more of his minions. It was at this point we felt strained. While he seemed to only be able to cast two kinds of spells; one producing a spider and the other protecting him, he was strong. The spiders he had summoned from a plane I am not sure about, had a poison that we didn’t truly experience in full dosage, thankfully. We were hurt, wounded, but I do think that it could have been much worse than it was. After a tough battle, the leader seemingly vanished into thin air. I knew he had turned himself invisible, so I tried to block the door while I asked my friends to throw dirt around, hoping it would fall on him and we could see where he was. But without luck. He had snuck past us and left the room.

During this battle, we lost a member of our group, Yarwyck, the racist human I wasn’t too fond of. Father, I try to see the best in everyone and be friends with those who I at least don’t see evil in, but this man was one of the most obnoxious people I have yet to meet. His attitude towards elves was something I had tried to ignore. The elves, well, I’m amazed they put up with him being in the same living quarters as us. Even so, he was taken and we followed a trail of blood leading to a hole that had been caved in. We decided not to search any further down this hole. It would have taken too long to clear and we had more pressing issues to deal with. Gosh, that makes me sound like a terrible person but I hope you understand why we left without him.

We soon found a prison like room where, low and behold, our goblin leader was hiding. Attempts to reason with him, or shall I say, Baldrin’s intimidation, lead to us eventually killing the monster. As it turns out, the only reason he had wanted to destroy the town was because of money, women and other things goblins seek I suppose. We chose to believe him, and after this treacherous and tiring journey, we left to return to the surface and to the inn.

Jarvan was quite hurt, so I went ahead while my friends pulled him up through the tunnel. I sat upstairs, drinking elven wine (not too much, I promise), and watched the other people staying at the inn. I knew Baldrin suspected Mary, one of the barmaids working at the inn, and when we returned to the common room he laid out his accusations. Poor Mary, she looked quite distressed. I took her into our common bedroom and sat with her on the bed. After some consolidation and a cuddle, she was okay, and Marius, one of the elves, sat with us without saying much. He is a very quiet man. I assumed the others were gathering information on the murder, so I spoke with Mary until I realised I had not asked her what she had been doing the night of Evansiel’s murder. She told me she had spent the night with Mendon, one of the gambling halflings staying at the night. So, in order to confirm this story and stop Baldrin worrying about the murderer being Mary, I went for a walk to fight the halflings, who had entered the room and left earlier that night. I walked into the room the elves had been staying in, and saw the two halflings, with a bag of loot, and suddenly, I went blank. I do not remember what happened, but my friends were suddenly behind me and a fight had broken out. It was here we discovered the true murderers. The halflings not only carried the poison that could have been used to kill Evansiel, but they wore the symbol of Lolth, and we knew we had our killers.

The battle went smoothly albeit a few mishaps. Lysander’s dog bit Baldrin, who was left very confused, or, angry I should say. I received a few strange looks when I began throwing morning stars across the room at the halflings. Well how was I to know they weren’t used for throwing? I can barely use a weapon at all and I had no prepared spells available to me. A rest was much needed, and eventually, after defeating the halflings and reporting back to Lillavida, we got our chance.

Where we are to next, I am still not entirely sure. I think we may be headed to Longspear, and it is here, in this large city, I hope to find some information on my mother. I wish you had more for me to go on. After speaking to other elves it is showing to be very difficult to find specifics, but I am still hopeful. And now, after meeting these interesting new people and forming our group, The Lost Seekers, I am more confident, and much less lonely. I miss you and Alistair dearly, but I will keep writing. Promise.

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