The Lost Seekers

Catch up and apologies

This seems about right

So i guess its been a while………

Libris Pious sits on its Pedestal, the sheen and shine gone from its cover and pages, but it still flicks open ot what appears to be the last page in the book, the rest having been torn out…..

In this book was my life, both of them but now it resolves down to only one and the choices that have been made in light of that life and whether my decisions ultimately mean anything or whether i will just be another footnote in the pages of history barely worth naming at all, to catch up everyone its best we go back to the time just after the Lost Seekers split up, me and Baldrinn continued back to the Yeomanry to try and set things right, we met some new travelling buddies called Jasmine and Harrison who apparently came from another material plane we also managed to find Thamior again but he had apparently had a major revelation from Pelor and was serving his will. Things were going well til we got back to the town just outside the Smith on The Hill, where that Wizards tower was still standing it was there we lost Harrison to Seraphim and we managed to fight him and win, we even used the command word to ‘shut him down’ but it seemed to just rebirth him as a non-evil version of him self. Baldrinn still wanted to kill him and i couldnt blame him but i couldnt let him just kill Seraphim, so i made the choice to protect him and keep an eye on him. I learnt alot of stuff from Seraphim especially when the gods forsook me and left me by myself to my own devices it was hard but i have moved on. We lost Longspear the Lichlings over ran it and the creation of these wierd golems that went berserk didnt help either it was looking bleak, We also maanged to find out some more information about Agamemnon, that i wish we hadnt, it turns out that Me, Baldrinn or Seraphim could become Agamemnon and it was quite possible that the fact that Endolynns mum Alyastraea having been messing around with things had possibly caused the creation of Agamemnon. Anyway we moved up to Loftwick to try and save the rest of the Yeomanry and to try and stop the Undercraft League. i had also been given one final task from the gods which was to kill Mistress Uwess the current Leader of the Undercraft League and one of the Demonlord Grazzts most powerful and favored servants. Upon arriving at Loftwick it was clear things were not going well so after puzzling our way through everything we ended up in The Castle of Pain, which is Uwess’s layer of the Abyss, we also managed to meet up with an alternate timeline/ material plane Patty where we managed to defeat her but not without losses of our own Thamior fell to her foul demonic grip, we acquired her crown which is apparently the key to her layer of the abyss and we left ending up back in the Yeomanry coming through the Dark Gate. We recovered ourselves for our final push against Agamemnon I went to the gods and offered them Uwwess Crown so that no demon could claim it and they told me that it was my reward for doing what they asked, well i nearly lost it at that point but before i could say anything i awoke and i stared at it before deciding that at the very least i would keep it out of the hands of any demon who came to claim it, so i put it on. We then had to travel through the Sea of Sorrows to reach the Necropolis which we finally did and now we are preparing for our final confrontation with Agamemnon and deciding once and for all wether this world shall live to see the dawn of a new day or fall and be consumed by the darkness.



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