The Lost Seekers

Baldrins Journal entry nineteen


Tis been a strange few days Fole.

First up, I have arranged with the Druids of Silglen to travel to the edge of the forest in a matter of days. As such, i don’t write this entry from Silglen but from Valedas, the ransacked village home of Lysander. Not only is the trip going well, but we have rediscovered one of our lost fellows in both a fortuitous and suspicious set of circumstances, of which ill go in to later.

So, a quick recap. We have discovered from conversations with Ptias that the Undercraft guild(or some similar bloody name) are likely run by the cult that is working to resurrect The Lich. I never trusted em, an now i get to splatter em, so that’s good news. We have a clue to head towards at least. Also, we managed to foil one of their operations in the Dreadwood, and discovered a pair of unlikely companions in the process. A Sharp witted Halfling by the name of Jasmine, and a bookish lad called Harrison. They seem nice enough, and the circumstances of their joining our little band are bizarre enough that i shan’t go into it. Suffice to say, i trust em well enough, an they be coming with us. So, to Silglen we travelled, where i attempted to leverage some help from the druids for Endolynn’s mother. Not an easy process, but i’ve done about what i hoped i could, and seem to have patched things up with Griffith as best i can, conniving git though he be. So, from there, we have gained some assistance from Lysanders mentor(and as it turns out, also his father) Myrachan in travelling the woods, though his Wife, Lysanders Mother, seems to have disappeared. We have looked for her as weve travelled, but to no avail. So, sadly, we had to leave the poor man to his search.

Another strange mystery comes from Silglen as well. Apparently, the Undercraft Guild had a number of folks stationed in the city, but over the course of a day just a week ago they all packed up, attempted to leave, and we murdered by a wandering Tiefling. Stranger still, a pack they all seemed to have went missing, so not only did six people die, but their sole possessions were stolen at the same time, and no one has since seen the Tielfing. A mystery indeed, an one i intend to remember.

Finally, there is Thamior. It you will recall, he was a man we traveled with for a time, from my home Smith. He was a nice enough fellow, though a bit cold sometimes. An, as it happens, he either sold his soul or had it stolen from him for a time as well. His death was caused essentially, by a mistake on my part. I was intent on saving Lysanders people, and as a result i started a fight with the Aranea in a particular vulnerable position. Thamior was the only one to fall from the fight on our side, though it wasn’t a great feeling to know what victory had cost us. I try to always remember my mistake on that one, even if i don’t like admitting it much. An yet, apparently, another god has decided to interfere in our little mortal plane of existence and has raised the poor mans soul from the depths of hell to fight again… Or so he tells us. honestly, there be far to much involvement of the gods in our lives for my liking, but on the other hand it means i have a chance to fix my mistake. An then that assumes that he aint lying, and that he aint living on borrowed time as was…

Well anyway, thats a thing thats happened. In the next few days, we will arrive into The League, and attempt to fix whatever madness has corrupted my home so. An hopefully, in the process well find the slimy gits that are making the planed so messed up. An then, if we be really lucky, well get to smack em for it.



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