The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #9

im going to regret all the beer in the morning...

So ade,just a quick update on whats been happening for the last few days. Feels like weeks for me though, and im a tad drunk

[At this last sentence you cant help but scoff. The writing on the page is slanted like the book had been held sideways, and there are big drops of ink as if the author had pondered every phrase with a pen held just above the page]

and clumsy. Anywho, I have agreed, with my fellows, to undertake a two year journey with Lillavide Banes. I know, seems a bit mad to me too. There I was, convinced I should go put a stop to this war before it gets out of hand, and now im saying something completely different. Well, that’s life, and Lillavida needs our help. More maddening than that though is that Patty insists on travelling with me. Aye, that’s right. My mad lass, that copped an axe in the back, insists she is to come adventuring. So, its probably a good thing that im not off to war really. Though I am worried about her, to be honest the longer I ponder it the happier I am. I mean, my girls coming with me… and I think on that note I may leave the journal here an go to bed. I was in a bit of a mess today with a parade and falling out of a building and having a building fall on me, and could do with the bed rest all told.

So, signing off, hopefully not for the last time,
Baldrin Weathering Smithson, Of the Stone Hammer.

[at the bottom of this page, there seems to be a pool of ink that’s been smooshed around and made an imprint that looks almost like a face. At the bottom of the imprint, where you would expect a mouth is a small pool of watermarking as if someone fell asleep and drooled on their journal…]



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