The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #6

Guess how much water i threw up that day...

[the writing on the following page is clean of any blood]

I don’t really have much time to write in the journal at the moment, because we are about to return to Lillavida’s inn, but I just wanted to give a quick update on what happened down in the sewers. It turns out a giant piece of pointy bone is not that life threatening, but only if you get someone talented at healing like Jarvin to do it. That being said, it still hurt like a bitch and it’s gonna leave one hell of a scar.

So, the sewers. Traipsing around in a sewer is not really how I expected my grand adventures to proceed but after a quick catch up with the Golden swans where they provided us some magic fandangled healing scrolls, that’s what we proceeded to do. Eventually, after a half an hour of our life we’ll never get back, we came across a small room, and a large hole in the wall opposite it. Fearing spiders would swarm out of the hole and kill us all, we moved over to it to check it out. That is where this story gets a little different. Honestly, I don’t know what happened. One minute I’m standing there, looking down a big hole, and the next I’m frozen, stuck in place. Powerless inside of my own body, I couldn’t even see what was happening around me. I tell ya Ade, ive never felt so vulnerable in all my life, and I sure as hell didn’t like it. Made me angry. Not your typical “oh you just kicked me in the shins” kind of angry, but the sort of deep long lasting anger that burns everything in its path. It just made me mad. Not just at whatever sod had done it to me though. No, it made me angry at all magic and its interfering in our world. That anger scares me Ade. When I finally got a hold of myself, and realised what had happened I became enraged. The man that did it, well, Jarvin eventually knocked him out. That didn’t stop me though; I just picked up his head and slammed it into the ground. I slammed it so hard it broke like a honey melon thrown from a great height. Then I did it again, and again and again till I lost count of how many times I splattered that hot wet mess all over the cobbles. Then I picked up the lifeless corpse, and threw it down the deep dark hole. I suppose Endolynn did help me with that. Mayhap the next time magic messes with me I’ll try to remember there are some folk that aren’t so bad.

After dropping the basterd down the hole, his spell musta worn off. The whole sewer started filling with water and we had to get out quick, so we ran into the office of the magic arse, and then poor Endolynn was struck ill by something. All I know is, one second, I’m looking for a way out, and the next she’s collapsed. So I picked her up and kept going. I think Lysander must magicked her while I was busy running. The irony was the mage that lived here didn’t build himself a bolt hole. Just a dead end with some kinda magic doo dah. So I grabbed that and started legging it down the sewer tunnel. Lysander over took me, and that’s when we realised we were going to drown. See Ade, the sewers in Longspear connect to the river, and fill up with it. That’s how they wash all the scum out. It was a long tunnel, and the river was hungry and barrelling towards us. So, quick as you like I darted down a side tunnel and found us an exit. I called to Lysander, but he never came. Hell, I hadn’t even noticed Endolynn slip off me shoulders, but at least her an Jarvin came up the ladder behind me. Lysander though, he never showed up.

Well, I wasn’t going to stand for that. No matter that he used magic, he’s my friend, and I wasn’t about to let him get drowned because some idiot city council couldn’t design a better sewer. So I stripped all of my equipment off quick as I could, and dived back into the sewer. I moved as far down the side tunnel as I could, sloshing through the knee high water, and when I got there I grabbed real tight and preyed. That’s right Ade, I have a god. It’s the Red Fox, one of the desert folk’s gods, and he musta been watching because after the main wave of river water hit, and I couldn’t see, a freaking one in a million thing happened. That’s right, blind luck, and I managed to grab Lysander with all of that bloody water rushing past us. Turned out he’d gone down a different tunnel, but the poor lad wasn’t strong enough to lift the grate at the top of the ladder and got washed away. An there I was waiting to catch him and bring him home. Good thing too couse the man was drowning by the time I got him out.

An that Ade is the story of how we saved Longspear. An I betcha no one notices.



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