The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #5

This ruddy 'urt's

[the following page is speckled with drops of blood, seemingly dropped off of the hand that penned it]

Oh Ade, I dunno what to say. It very well appears that I may be destined to shamble of this mortal coil called life sooner than expected. Well, maybe i’m being overly dramatic, but I’m allowed to be pessimistic when I have a giant piece of barbed bone stickin’ out of my arm. An it ain’t no little splinter mind you, it’s a right big nasty pointed thing stabbed into me right proper and the shit of a thing won’t come out. So, pessimistic though it may be, I sit here, in this god awful sewer writing what may be my last journal entry. By god I hope it isn’t, I really enjoy this life. Well, I’d best give you a bit of context for my suffering.

Having discovered since my last drunken entry that I had been gone from my fellow adventurers for barely a day, I proceeded to pass out. I was, if you cannot tell, in the middle of a mad romp of celebration with both Vivi, Endolyn and many others (not like that you cheeky buggah). The next day was a bit of a blur all told but it boils down to something like this. Hung over, me and Endolyn searched for Jarvin and Lysander. During our search we visited Ceseli to check she was doing alright (she was) and then stopped at a bar where I proceeded to cuss the establishment out for being overly expensive. The bar tender was rather boisterous, and I won’t be ashamed to admit he was better than me at boxing. From there, we found the lads, and proceeded to get some work from Isben for the Undercraft league. While at Isbens, we met one of the Golden swans, a lad named bandanna or some such. He was a lovely chap, and invited us to the Swan’s inn for a party that evening to meet and greet the rest of them. Before we went to the party, we attempted to perform the League’s task.

That task boiled down to clearing a warehouse of a bunch of fidgety twitchy spiders the size of small bears. An after the little bear sized spiders, came a rather large bear sized spider. Nasty business, but it ended well. While in the warehouse we found a dirty great big hole that led to what we can now assume is the sewers. We decided we’d tackle the hole the day after, which would be today, and yes, I be writing this in the ruddy sewers with not only a nasty piece of bone in me arm but a bloody great headache. The golden swans are a right laugh, and at least if i’m to die today ill have had a great night partying first. So, ill finish this entry up later… or ill leave it unfinished as I die a horrible death….. one or the other.



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