The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #4

[the writing on the following pages is cramped and squished together, with many blots and smears of ink. The entry itself is barely decipherable, as if whoever wrote the entry had been drunk at the time. What follows is your interpretation of what was written, and you aren’t even sure its correct]

Forgive me Ade for it has been a while since I wrote in my diary. I have been busy making merry with a lovely flower I met some nights ago… come to think of it, i’m not sure what day it is. Maybe I should seek out the others and make sure I haven’t missed my appointment at Lillavidas.
As I was saying, I met a girl. Her name is Vivi and I have decided that she is one of the loveliest people ive ever seen… I mean, she has a wonderful personality and a stylish sense of dress. She’s no Patty, but she’s still quite fine. [a large drop of ink obscures the next few words] and that’s the sort of amazing thing she can do Ade. Oh, sorry I got excited and spilt my ink. Her writing table is rather cramped and uncomfortable. Anyway, where were we in the adventures within Longspear.

Oh yes, the dinner party. Rich people Ade, rich people are mad insensitive scum. I tell ya, Auraluna’s daughter is lovely, and yet her insane mother was pushing this ugly git onto her because of his money. An he was such an arse, about everything. I very nearly broke him into pieces, and i’m pretty sure I cracked his leg when no one was lookin. Heh, that’ll serve ’im.

Anyway, that there party made it clear to me that Auraluna was nuts. I mean, her dogs barked at random stuff, and she ate bizarre veggie food, and it was all very strange and foreign. I much prefer the Drunken Smith, less gits.

At the end of the evening, the mad bitch insisted only one of us was to stand guard in her house. For someone as scared as her, she was awfully stupid about security. So poor Endolyn drew the short straw on that, and was forced to spend what I understand to be an incredibly unpleasant night with the [a splash of ink covers the page here, as if someone sneezed it all over the page] and she complained of such noises. Anyway, Lysander Woods, being the wild man he is, decided it would be a good plan to spend the night watching the house, in case Endolyn needed a hand. Poor boy, I think we made him quite uncomfortable the other night, so ive decided to let him be. Each man deals with their own impending fate differently, and I see no reason to force my life view on another.

Speaking of life view, Paladins need a head check. I mean no disrespect but if Jarvin is anything to go by they’re all mad as cut snakes. I spent half the night with him following the missing rich guy, ’s trail, only to end up at a brothel. Not a strange place, and the wench at the door was easy to talk to, though not much to look at compared to other joygirls. I tell ya Ade, last I was in Longspear I met this one whore that could talk a bent stick straight if ya get me drift. She was amazing. Not the greatest looks on her, but it didn’t matter, she was just a wonder of a person. Pity she had to make her way as a whore, but that’s life I s’pose. Anyhow, Jarvin is mad. He wouldn’t come into the brothel, and then he changed his mind. Then he changed his mind half a dozen more times through the course of our discussions in the brothel, it was bizarre. Eventually, we ran out of questions, and got nowhere for the evening, but I did learn that the crazy man is married and seems to be having some trouble with his lass. I have no idea if that’s a good thing or not, but I just cant imagine a child of a pair of righteous folk to be anything but trouble.

Well, the evening was relatively uneventful all round, but the next day had its fair share of interesting. Endolyn had found blood in a dumbwaiter in the manor of our patroness during the evening. This worried us, so we set a plan in motion to find out what was going on. It was rather complicated all round, involving lockpicks, doors, secret elevators and a half dozen distractions, so Ill just keep the tale simple by talkin about my part in it. While the rest of the party were playing with a secret elevator, I was sent up stairs to distract Ceseli. We talked about Baldric while I was up there, and I learnt a new tale about him where he was in a cavern in the Underdark. Apparently while he was there he fought an army of Drow on a lake. Quite an interesting tale if you ask me. Unfortunately after a while me and Ceseli ran out of things to say (and I may have been a bit untactful Ade) and I had to lock her in her room. I must go check on her soon, and make sure she hasn’t gone mad.

Uh but I skip ahead again Ade. I haven’t actually talked about the execution of our plan. So, while I was distracting the young girl my fellows broke into the manor’s secret elevator. Guess where it led Ade, it led to a secret basement. I might make a habit of avoiding secret basements in future, twas a rather nasty place and I’ve never heard a tale involving a secret basement and good thing before. I mean come on, would it hurt the bad guys to mix it up once in a while. Put all the evil stuff in the creepy mansion and fill the secret dungeon with Candy, unicorns and comfy chairs. really, just once it’d be nice if the looneys werent so ruddy secret about being loony.

Anyway, when they opened the door to this secret dungeon room, they were greeted by a great ugly two headed dog that looked as if it had dug itself out of its own grave. By the time I got down the shaft (I got distracted checking one of the locked rooms upstairs and checking on Aura crazy bird) it had already mauled jarvin half to death and was turning its attention to the poor lad Lysander. Endolyn was lucky enough to get back up the shaft before the dog got to her. I say lucky because it looked as if it would have torn her in twain. Anyway, a few tense moments later and the beast lay with its skull broken in. Yet, what lay beyond it was far worse. The crazy bird had been locking people she didn’t like in stone, and leaving them there to starve to death. There were so many faces, even Ceseli’s husband for crying out loud. Lysander was smart enough to fetch help, and we had Jarvin back to form in moments. We quickly retrieved the folk left alive in the stone (one of which was the rich twat we had been looking for) and had them fixed up by the cleric that Lysander had fetched. Boy was she a roight cow though. Cold, austere, and a coward to boot. She scarpered as soon as she’d fixed everyone, like there was a ghost chasing her, and she wouldn’t even help us with the crazy bird upstairs.

Speaking of which, she’d adopted and trained someone to kill people. That’s right, the cripple with too big a mouth, had raised a crazy child to kill people. An then she sent him forth. He was the serial killer that had been plaguing the city. We solved half a dozen jobs, all in one day. Obviously the fight was a bit bland, what with it involving a dog that liked Lysander, a mad serial killer and his crippled mistress. Still, I did discover that Endolyn has quite a mean streak. She set the mad bitch on fire, it was quite brutal all round. Wont be messin with her anytime soon…

_[the rest of the entry is covered in Ink, like someone had knocked a bottle of it onto the page and then slept in it] _



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