The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #11

if i was a villain, I'd try my hand at being anonymous so i couldn't find me...

[the writing on the following pages is a little untidy, but relatively easy to read. It’s the same handwriting as before, but cramped and uneven, though very different to the drunken scrawl on some of the other pages]

Well Ade, another quick update for you today, since im on watch and have to make sure nothing sneaks up on us. I especially must make sure of that because my pretty little lass is all tuckered out from her last few days of trekking through the woods, and has fallen asleep on our watch. She’s adorable when she sleeps Ade, all curled up in a tight ball next to me. Still, you must be wandering where we are. We be travelling in the Dreadwood Ade, and it be a right horrible place to boot. Full o’ snakes and wild things, and ‘orrible great gorillas that’ll tear yer face off if you aint paying attention. That aint no joke by the way Ade, there really was a giant terrifying gorilla thing. Anyhow, I was busy updating you. So, last I had time to write in me journal, we had just left Longspear, or were planning to. We went to Ceseli’s wedding, and then scarpered as quick as could be. We didn’a want to have to try an talk to her about her mother, or the lies she had been telling. Figured it was her business, and she must have had her reasons. Still, we didn’t want to have to hurt her, or send her to prison, so we left. An when we got back to the Arrow At Rest, the place was a right shambles. Utter mess, wagons everywhere, and not an orphan boy to be seen.

Oh right, I haven’t told you of ‘im yet. Well, he was a lad I hired to bring a message to everyone at the Arrow, but he never arrived. Saddens me a little to be honest, id intended to have him looked after. Oh well, naught to be done about it. Still, The arrow was a hive of activity when we arrived. A right mess, and in all of it was that scaly tit that told Seraphim of my family. Honestly Ade, if I hadn’t been in Lillavida’s home, I would have thrown him out a window an beat him half to death, I was that angry. Still, apparently he knows very little of Seraphim, except that he pays well. Oh, and that Endolynn’s mum knew him. Aye, the lady she be looking for. Spose now im looking for her too. I think the worst thing about this whole irritant is that I have to find some kind of drug for the scaly bastard while I’m in this gods forsaken forest. Gah, just irritates me something fierce.

Apart from that though, very little of importance happened at the Arrow. From there, on our trip to this horrible forest, Jarven made us take a detour. Past a temple for goodness sake. Seriously, religious people need to just stop building so nmany of the damned things. Then I might be more impressed by them. An this one was run by the fattest turd ive ever seen. Seriously Ade, they preach about how they need to help people, and then guys like this work their way up the chain of command and eat themselves stupid. Makes me ruddy angry too. Wow, I have just been frusterated a lot on this trip. Whats worse, apparently theres some guy out there that looks like me. He’s all pleasant to people too eugh. Ill get back to that though, but the important thing to note is he is looking for my hammer. How do I know, because apparently my hammer was made in some forge that’s sacred to heironeous, and so the imposter asked the fat priest about it. Not my hammer though, the forge. I suppose really it’s a good thing he did… well, that and apparently Heironeous is looking out for us too. You see, The god thought it was a great plan to send Jarven a prophetic dream, and that dream sent us to the temple. When we got there, this priest let slip he met me, which led us to looking at some book of nursery rhymes he had, which led to the conclusion we need to find this forge, which just so happens to be in the Dreadwood. Wow, that a mouthful, dare ya to say it three times fast. So, after discovering that, we moved on.

Now, I can’t remember the name of the town we next passed through, but it was another annoying step in our journey. Specifically, my imposter had come through there himself, and he’d been all horrible to everyone, so when we got there they just shunned me. Course, that wasn’t as terrible as the psychotic assassin shooting arrows at us and leaving corpses all over. The arrows hurt too, and knocked us unconscious. So of course, ill probably be in trouble if I return to the League without my imposter proven to exist. Oh yay for horrible people am I right Ade. So yeah, the last few days have been a bit of a trauma for us all round. An now, to top it all off Lysander is acting all strange about the next village, and won’t give us any information about what’s coming. So yeah, im sure thatll be a fun journal entry, hope your excited.

Baldrin, the Framed Hammer



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