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Five fateful adventurers first met up in a tavern in The Yeomanry League, where an elf was murdered and a goblin horde brought them together. Since then, they have travelled and adventured under the guidance of their patron Lillavida. They have fought vampire crime-lords, exposed corruption in the cities they’ve visited, turned the tide of a war against snake-people, and even had their fair share of tragedy. However, they press on, despite the hardship and the difficulties, driven by a desire to find what they have lost, something that means something different to each of them.

These Seven are Baldrin, Yarwyck (missing), Jarvan (Deceased), Endolynn, Thamior, Ptrisah Xiloscient(Deceased), Lysander Woods, Patty Fernland(Deceased) and Jarenhone Moonborn. With new friends Jasmine Tealeaf, Xin Li, Sebastian Shadowmoor and Harsion Tower(Deceased) and tag along Seraphim

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The Lost Seekers

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